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Structural Surveys

We have extensive experience in inspection of all forms/types of building and other engineering structures, across most market sectors. Our Engineers have been responsible for the design of buildings, the supervision of their construction and the diagnosis of building defects.

Our structural engineers have experience of both traditional and non-traditional forms of construction, including precast concrete houses, steel framed system built houses or timber framed houses.

Our expert structural reports are based on a detailed, non-intrusive, visual examination of the property. However, for non-traditional forms of construction, it is often necessary to carry out further intrusive investigation and testing, and we can advise on this. Our reports are always clear and concise, and supported by practical recommendations and advice, that will allow you to make well informed decisions. Working closely with our network of collaborative professional partners, we can inspect and report on virtually any type of building.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Do you need civil or structural engineering consultancy services for your project?

We offer a proactive consultancy service to meet the needs of your project.

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